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Emotional Balance

Experience the power of holistic tools and energy psychology

Sandy is a passionate and experienced therapist, healer, teacher and trainer. She’s worked with clients and groups from all over the world, including the UK, the US, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, New Zealand, Australia, etc.

Sandy used to teach at university before starting her own business and holds diplomas and certificates in a number of fields including psychology, solution-focused psychotherapy & hypnotherapy, EFT tapping and various other holistic approaches. She’s also a trainer and mentor and loves teaching what she knows.

Emotional Balance

What is Emotional Balance?

In my view emotional balance means that we have found our inner equilibrium, that we’re evenly tempered, feel stable and have enough energy to deal with our daily tasks & challenges while still finding the time to relax, to smile and appreciate nice moments. It’s not about the absence of stress and anxiety, but being in control of our feelings, reactions and the ability to know what to do if the stress level is on the rise. It is my mission to help people find emotional balance. I’d like YOU to feel empowered, safe and have strategies to cope with whatever comes your way. We’re not aiming for a perfect life, being cheerful and happy all the time. Balance is about finding the right mix between action, motivation, strategy and relaxation. With the ability to understand the body-mind connection we can maintain and/or improve our physical and emotional wellbeing and health. 


What is Energy psychology?

Energy Psychology encompasses a number of body-mind techniques that are self-empowering, work very quickly and have little to no adverse effects. By exploring the body-mind connection we bridge the gap between thoughts, emotions, behaviours and even physical reactions leading to a better understanding of our human issues. We use our bioenergy systems, our conscious and subconscious mind to get to an easy solution, find healing, regain our energy, let go of unhelpful thought patterns, feelings and behaviours. As a result we feel more in control, balanced and empowered. 

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What Clients Say About Sandy

I’ve been to one of Sandy’s ‘Weight Loss’ workshops and found her approach very unique, fascinating and engaging. We worked on cravings and even though I don’t understand how this works but I actually lost my appetite for the chocolate in my hand after the tapping and did not touch any for several weeks. It was like magic! She then explained the connection between weight and emotions and how stress can prevent us from losing weight. It all made perfect sense yet I had never thought about it that way. I decided to continue with 1-2-1 sessions and discovered how my beliefs and resistance, I didn’t even know I had, had sabotaged previous attempts to get healthier and slimmer. I loved that Sandy gave me weekly tapping homework and I’m still using this magic tool to this day. I’ve lost almost 2 stone what seemed effortlessly. I do recommend Sandy. She’s a warm and open person with no judgement and full of inspiration. Thank you for being such a wonderful therapist and teacher.


I attended a workshop run by Sandy which was aimed at helping physical pain by calming the mind. I went along because a friend who teaches at the same centre told me she was hearing good things about Sandy's workshops. I had a car accident years ago and have had low level back issues ever since. Sometimes it flares up and I become anxious when I look ahead and wonder what life will be like if I'm unable to function normally. Ironically anxiety causes tension and inflammation, so the more I worry the more it hurts. I've tried many different techniques, and many have helped a bit. I'm always happy to try new ones, and Emotional Freedom Technique was completely new. I took to it like a duck to water! The workshop was so relaxed and we smiled and even laughed quite a lot which is not always the case where learning something new. The technique of tapping just felt very natural, and we were led through the whole thing with care and gentleness. I felt great when I left, and most of all, I felt hopeful. I could have left it there but I had other things that I thought EFT might help with so I saw Sandy several times after the session. I won't go into details but I can truthfully say it shifted things in my life very much for the better. I recommended Sandy to several friends, all of whom had different issues. Every one of them gave me flowers or bought me a present for the introduction. (Thats not why I did it just to get flowers.) So I can hand on heart recommend the workshops, and am so glad that I found Sandy.


I've attended a number of Sandy's workshops in the past and always found them to be extremely inspiring, insightful and informative. Her methods are very well explained and easy to use whilst Sandy's outstanding positive teaching approach and delivery, aided my confidence issues massively as did her comforting attitude. I would recommend her to anyone dealing with difficult issues in their lives and would like to thank her again for her natural support and wisdom.


Sandy was recommended to me by a friend. On first meeting I found Sandy to be very warm and open explaining everything to me and answering all of my questions. She is very easy to talk to and it was a relief to feel that I could talk about my particular issue so freely with someone free of judgementFor me the visualisation exercise that Sandy guided me through was very powerful, emotional and ultimately effective. Since the treatment I have felt calmer, more balanced in my emotions, less stressed and generally better in myself. Obviously, there is more work to be done and I was very open and free in the session, but ultimately Sandy’s calm manner, professional attitude coupled with a genuine empathy and kindness was key to the success of our session. I will definitely see her again and recommend her as a practitioner.


I am really happy to have worked with Sandy. What I particularly liked is that it felt to me that she respectfully and gently guides you through the process with great care for you and your input as a client. She makes you feel safe and at the same time she constantly checks in with pinpoint questions and this way makes sure you keep focused and work on the right things.


I found Sandy to be gentle, kind and very effective in the sessions that I had with her.  She really listened to what I was saying and helped me to find new more positive ways of looking at situations which were causing me some anxiety.  I felt genuinely uplifted and calmer and this new way of feeling has stayed with me.  Thank you Sandy, you have made a huge difference in my life in such a short space of time!


Sandy has a great ability for being able to combine her many therapeutic tools, and to put it all together to personalise the session specifically for the client and for their needs. 
She has a unique ability to be able to see each person as an individual, the best version of themselves and then guide them and hold them in that place until they believe that for themselves. I couldn’t ask or want for anyone better to go to and see when faced with one of life’s challenges. You will be warmly greeted by one of life’s Angels.


Sandy has the unique combination of stillness with awareness, and a very gentle presence, she is both respectful and utterly non-judgemental. Her integrity shines through, so you feel at peace in safe, calm hands. Her array of tools are combined thoughtfully. I am greatly looking forward to my next session, an oasis of calm that Sandy joyfully shares.


I have found my sessions with Sandy to be so valuable for the maintenance of my mental health. Suffering from depression and anxiety, I found the combination of techniques have been amazing. Sandy has a brilliant approach which is calming, kind, understanding and most of all good humoured – as well as professional. I have had several ‘wow’ moments in sessions which have led to better clarity.  I cannot recommend Sandy enough, she is a brilliant therapist and I count myself lucky to be one of her clients! Thank you, Sandy for the grounding, clarity and positive energy!

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