Improve your sleep online course


With this package you’ll learn how to use the power of energy psychology and the body-mind connection to find the rest you need. This packages includes a bundle of materials, including 8 short videos, 1 audio mp3 and 1 pdf.

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Improve your sleep with holistic tools and energy psychology

(please note that the content is run as a private Facebook social learning group, so a Facebook account is required to get access)

Do you frequently lie awake at night? Do you count the hours you’ve got left and get frustrated the later it gets? Do you toss and turn a lot and feel even more tired in the morning than you were when you went to bed? Do you feel helpless and frustrated and wonder whether you’ve lost the ability to fall asleep naturally?

Sleep is important, no question. Sleep is a natural response and should be easy to achieve. But what if it doesn’t come easy? It can be frustrating to lie awake despite being tired, it is confusing and irritating. We ask ourselves, what’s wrong with me, I’m so tired, why can’t I get any / enough sleep? Why doesn’t my body just take the rest it so obviously needs? Have I perhaps lost the ability to fall asleep? It is normal to ask these questions and not all of them have satisfying answers. Yet there may be a way of learning to fall asleep with ease. By understanding the most common factors that disrupt sleep and how to avoid them, you’re one step closer to a good rest. Perhaps learning how to switch off, clear your mind and let go of any emotional turmoil will help you to find the necessary calmness and ease to drift off to sleep.

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With this package you’ll learn how to use the power of energy psychology and the body-mind connection to find the rest you need. Once you have eliminated any disruptors, cleared your mind, created a pleasant sleeping hygiene and have mastered the ‘fall asleep with ease’ technique, you’ll be able to recharge your batteries, signal your body when it’s time to rest and fall sleep easily in the evening or go back to sleep if you happen to wake up at night. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to wake up refreshed and energised most mornings, feeling balanced, rested and able to tackle the tasks of the day with ease?

What You’ll Learn

  • The role sleep plays for your general health, wellbeing and emotional balance
  • The five most common factors that disrupt sleep
  • 10 tips to improve your sleep
  • Holistic tools to clear your mind and relax your body
  • A great technique to fall asleep with ease
  • Checklist for better sleep 

This package includes:

  • 8 short videos, including 2 mini-presentations & 4 video exercises
  • 1 sleep promoting audio recording to listen to in bed
  • 1 pdf

The content has been divided into 6 small units and is currently run as a private Facebook social learning group. Once you’ve completed the purchase, you’ll get the link to the Facebook page where you need to request membership. Please note that it can take up to 24 hours for your membership to be approved. If you’re not on Facebook, feel free to contact me for an alternative way to access to the material.

Why Sandy?

As a holistic health practitioner, Sandy is trained to see the body mind connection and guides clients towards their goals. She has more than 10 year of experience working with clients and groups. She’s all about empowering people and happily shares her tools and techniques. Having previously suffered from insomnia herself, she understands the frustrations and has developed a system to help herself and her clients to improve sleep. Her motto is:  when body and mind work together, anything is possible.