Emotional Balance and Holistic Health Solutions

Find a solution to help you increase the quality of your life
What is Emotional Balance? 

In my view emotional balance means that we have found our inner equilibrium, that we’re evenly tempered, feel stable and have enough energy to deal with our daily tasks & challenges while still finding the time to relax, to smile and appreciate nice moments. It’s not about the absence of stress and anxiety, but being in control of our feelings, reactions and the ability to know what to do if the stress level is on the rise. It is my mission to help people find emotional balance. I’d like YOU to feel empowered, safe and have strategies to cope with whatever comes your way. We’re not aiming for a perfect life, being cheerful and happy all the time. Balance is about finding the right mix between action, motivation, strategy and relaxation. With the ability to understand the body-mind connection we can maintain and/or improve our physical and emotional wellbeing and health.


What is Energy Psychology? 

Energy Psychology encompasses a number of body-mind techniques that are self-empowering, work very quickly and have little to no adverse effects. By exploring the body-mind connection we bridge the gap between thoughts, emotions, behaviours and even physical reactions leading to a better understanding of our human issues. We use our bioenergy systems, our conscious and subconscious mind to get to an easy solution, find healing, regain our energy, let go of unhelpful thought patterns, feelings and behaviours. As a result we feel more in control, balanced and empowered.