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MISSED A WORKSHOP? Gather a few friends and get in touch with me. I’m happy to repeat any workshop in your area or online if there’s a minimum of 4 people interested.

How to boost your mental health

Saturday 27th January 2024 @10am FREE webinar

Sandy explains how the five pillars of mental health affect our wellbeing.
She shares how small consistent improvements can make a massive difference
and will give an overview of how alternative methods and energy psychology can
boost your mental health.

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Live workshops and events will take place in Eastbourne, East Sussex, UK. 


Reiki Training Level 1– Introduction to Reiki and self-practice

16th – 17th March 2024, £250 per person in Eastbourne


In this 2-day intensive training you’ll learn the basics of Reiki healing energy and how to work with Reiki symbols. You’ll receive an attunement and will be able to engage in self-healing. Please note that this course does not give you the qualification to treat others. Further higher-level training will be offered subsequently. Find out more





Release & alleviate chronic pain  – Introductory workshop

13th January 2024 @ 09.30am in Eastbourne, £50 per person

In this 2.5-hour workshop you’ll learn how emotions
can get trapped in the body and hold a particular condition in place.
We’ll look at typical emotions around chronic pain and learn
how to release them which often leads to an
improvement of the condition.  Find out more




Connect with the angels

10th February 2024 @ 10:00am – 1pm in Eastbourne, £80 per person

Learn how to connect and work with the angels. We will cover different types of angels including archangels and the specific areas they can each be called upon. We’ll do meditations and exercises to connect to your guardian angel and learn how to call for help, guidance and signs.
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Discover Sandy’s unique approach to overcome stress and anxiety, fears and phobias. Increase your confidence and get help with public speaking, pain and weight management.





Reduce stress & anxiety Introductory workshop

17th February 2024 @ 09:30am in Eastbourne, £50 per person in Eastbourne

Emotions link the body and mind and they affect our wellbeing. In this 2.5-hour introductory workshop
you’ll find out how to make peace with daily stress. You’ll learn techniques to let go of
anxiety and worries to improve your work-life and emotional balance.
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EFT Practitioner Training Level 1 & 2

6th – 7th April 2024 in Eastbourne, £400 per person

Do you love EFT and want to learn more about it?
Do you want to become more skilled in helping yourself and others?
In this 2-day intensive training course you’ll learn the basics of EFT,
how to conduct a session and keep your client sa
If you wish to become a certified practitioner, you will need to take an
online exam later on. All information will be provided on the course. Find out more



Reiki Training Level 2 –  certified Reiki Practitioner training

11th-12th May 2024, £300 per person in Eastbourne


In this 2-day intensive training you’ll increase your Reiki healing energy and learn how to conduct a healing session with clients. Additional Reiki symbols will be taught. You’ll receive a Level 2 attunement and will be able to offer Reiki healing to others, including distance healing. This course gives you the qualification to treat others. In order to do this course you must have attended Reiki for Self-healing Level 1. To register your interest please email [email protected]
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I’ve been to one of Sandy’s ‘Weight Loss’ workshops and found her approach very unique, fascinating and engaging. We worked on cravings and even though I don’t understand how this works but I actually lost my appetite for the chocolate in my hand after the tapping and did not touch any for several weeks. It was like magic! She then explained the connection between weight and emotions and how stress can prevent us from losing weight. It all made perfect sense yet I had never thought about it that way. I decided to continue with 1-2-1 sessions and discovered how my beliefs and resistance, I didn’t even know I had, had sabotaged previous attempts to get healthier and slimmer. I loved that Sandy gave me weekly tapping homework and I’m still using this magic tool to this day. I’ve lost almost 2 stone what seemed effortlessly. I do recommend Sandy. She’s a warm and open person with no judgement and full of inspiration. Thank you for being such a wonderful therapist and teacher.


I attended a workshop run by Sandy which was aimed at helping physical pain by calming the mind. I went along because a friend who teaches at the same centre told me she was hearing good things about Sandy's workshops. I had a car accident years ago and have had low level back issues ever since. Sometimes it flares up and I become anxious when I look ahead and wonder what life will be like if I'm unable to function normally. Ironically anxiety causes tension and inflammation, so the more I worry the more it hurts. I've tried many different techniques, and many have helped a bit. I'm always happy to try new ones, and Emotional Freedom Technique was completely new. I took to it like a duck to water! The workshop was so relaxed and we smiled and even laughed quite a lot which is not always the case where learning something new. The technique of tapping just felt very natural, and we were led through the whole thing with care and gentleness. I felt great when I left, and most of all, I felt hopeful. I could have left it there but I had other things that I thought EFT might help with so I saw Sandy several times after the session. I won't go into details but I can truthfully say it shifted things in my life very much for the better. I recommended Sandy to several friends, all of whom had different issues. Every one of them gave me flowers or bought me a present for the introduction. (Thats not why I did it just to get flowers.) So I can hand on heart recommend the workshops, and am so glad that I found Sandy.


I've attended a number of Sandy's workshops in the past and always found them to be extremely inspiring, insightful and informative. Her methods are very well explained and easy to use whilst Sandy's outstanding positive teaching approach and delivery, aided my confidence issues massively as did her comforting attitude. I would recommend her to anyone dealing with difficult issues in their lives and would like to thank her again for her natural support and wisdom.