How can I book a free 15min phone consultation?

You can get in touch via email ([email protected]), text or by filling in the ‘contact me’ form. State your name, give a brief description of your issue and your availability together with the best phone number to reach you on. You’ll then get a reply with a couple of possible times that Sandy can ring you. As she’s often in sessions and can’t take phone calls, we’d like to ask you to schedule your free chat.

What can we discuss in the free 15min phone consultation?

It’s meant to be a first contact where you can tell Sandy a bit more about your situation if you wish and you can ask questions about the therapeutic approach she offers. Some people feel uneasy about starting therapy or are unsure if their issue is something she deals with, so you can ask Sandy what will happen in a session and get a feel about who she is and what she offers. You can then decide if you feel she’s the right therapist for you. If you like, you can book a session in the initial chat or you can think about it first and decide later. There’s no pressure at all and no need to decide right away.

Will I be charged for the 15min phone call if I don’t book a session?

No. This first phone call will always be free even if you decide not to work with Sandy.

What happens in a session?

Client and practitioner sit opposite each other (fully clothed). After establishing a mutually agreed goal for the session, Sandy asks the client a series of questions to understand the situation and get a clear picture of what the client would like to achieve, feel, let go of or change and what positive impact those changes will have on the client’s life. The approach is solution-focused, so we don’t dwell on the past but rather aim to shift the perspective from the problem to a possible solution, exploring a variety of positive approaches to overcome obstacles and make lasting changes. Sandy then offers the best possible tailored change work for each individual client, such as Hypnotherapy, EFT tapping or other solution-focused strategies.

How much is a session?

An individual session is £90 in Eastbourne or online.
You can get a discount if you book a set of three sessions and pay them in advance or at the end of the first session. It’s £240 for 3 sessions (so £80 each) online or in person in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

How many sessions do I need?

Most people notice significant improvements after 3 sessions. What Sandy offers is powerful and works quickly so you don’t need as many sessions as with conventional therapy.

How often should I see Sandy?

It depends on the issue and your availability. Most people book their second session within a week or two after the first and the third within the next two weeks. However, if you book a set of three, you have a timeframe of 3 months to take all three so don’t worry if you’re busy and don’t have much time.

What happens in between sessions?

Sandy usually follows-up after each session to ask about your progress. In addition, she often recommends exercises and/or strategies to help you continue on your path of change. The focus is on empowering clients so that they learn to help themselves. That’s why most people only need between 2 to 5 sessions overall, depending on the issue.