Reduce anxiety with EFT

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Learn how to reduce anxiety with EFT tapping, a powerful alternative tool.


Learn how to reduce anxiety with EFT tapping, a powerful alternative tool based on energy psychology.

Improve your mental health! EFT is a powerful technique to help you get clarity and let go of unhelpful patterns and emotions. In this video I’ll guide you through a couple of sample tapping sequences. You’re encouraged to personalise the statements so that you can get the most out of if.

This video takes you through an EFT tapping sequence that may help to

  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • stop worrying
  • reduce fear
  • increase relaxation
  • see things more clearly

There’s also a couple of introductory EFT videos included in case you’re unfamiliar with EFT tapping, so you will get three videos in total. It’s a unique holistic energy psychology tool aimed to help and empower you. For a more personalised approach and to tackle deeper issues, please consider booking a 1-2-1 session.

Learn to let go of stress and anxiety now. Get this video and have this wonderful tool at your disposal whenever you need it! EFT can also be used with children (adapt language accordingly)

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00:18:30 (18mins)
Introductory videos: 00:07:25 part 1 & 00:07:35 part 2


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4 reviews for Reduce anxiety with EFT

  1. John

    A very useful technique which put me in a good place to deal my anxiety. Many thanks!

  2. Anonymous

    Really works, which actually surprised me.

  3. Felicity Beckett

    I was so excited to see Sandy was on-line having visited her as a therapist. She gives wonderful warm, clear instruction with real explanations for why and how EFT works. It is so simple and so effective and can be used more or less anywhere, anytime which is perfect for a busy, anxiety-prone, home-schooling mum with two children under 10, a puppy and pandemic. For me this was an absolute Godsend. Thank you Sandy!

  4. Sarah

    This is a lovely little video that helps me get into the habit of using tapping every day. After a few sessions with Sandy I’ve been feeling loads better but didn’t seem to be able to motivate myself to do the tapping without her guidance (to continue on my healing journey). Well, now I have this video and I use it as a starting point to get me tapping and then I continue on my own. I like the little gaps so you can focus on your own personal feelings. It’s great! Thanks Sandy!

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