Reduce resistance to change

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Find your motivation by reducing resistance with EFT tapping.


Resistance can be an underlying issue when it comes to change or get started on something new. If you’re lacking motivation it might be due to a tiny part of you not wanting to change.

Find your motivation by reducing resistance with EFT tapping.

EFT is a powerful technique to help you get clarity and let go of unhelpful patterns and emotions. In this video I’ll guide you through a couple of sample tapping sequences. You’re encouraged to personalise the statements so that you can get the most out of if.

There’s also a couple of introductory EFT videos included in case you’re unfamiliar with EFT tapping, so you’ll get three videos with this purchase. Tapping is a unique holistic energy psychology tool aimed to help and empower you.

Find out what’s holding you back! Get this video now and have it at your disposal whenever you need it.

If you need to kick start your motivation, consider getting my more comprehensive Boost your motivation online course, which includes this video, a hypnotic visualisation to Boost your motivation and much more.

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00:19:45 (19mins)
Introductory videos: 00:07:25 part 1 & 00:07:35 part 2
MP4 – online videos

2 reviews for Reduce resistance to change

  1. Lucy Bennet

    I hadn’t realised that I had all this resistance. Was quite eye-opening.

  2. Andrew

    First I was a bit skeptical about this tapping thing but my wife had been to see Sandy and had great results, so I thought I’d try it too. It’s a very interesting approach and even though part of me feels weird when tapping (I usually close the door so my family doesn’t see me) I’ve had good results. I’m combining this video with the hypnotic motivation audio and I think together they work really well.

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