Relax with 7-11 breathing

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The 7-11 breathing is a powerful technique to calm your nerves and stress levels. It can help reduce panic attacks, nerves before a presentation, reduce stress and anxiety and help you go to sleep.


Did you know that deep breathing is the best way to release stress? When you breathe deeply, it will send a signal to your brain telling you to calm down and relax. Let the Learn to Relax video teach you all about the 7/11 Breathing Method!

Whether you are facing problems at work, have tight deadlines, big projects, or are about to present in front of people, use this breathing method for 5 to 10 minutes to get your body into a relaxed state where you will be able to think more clearly and feel more confident about yourself.

This 7-11 breathing exercise is a powerful technique to calm your nerves and lower anxiety and stress levels. It can help reduce panic attacks, nerves before a presentation or help you go to sleep. It’s best used on a regular basis, as the body will soon to learn to switch from anxious to relaxed mode in just a few minutes, the more often you practise it. As it has a very relaxing effect on the body, it’s not suitable to do while driving and when you need to stay alert.

In this video, I explain what the 7-11 breathing technique is, how it works and how to adapt it to your personal preference and breath capacity. I also lead you through a short demo with relaxing background music and soothing images, you’re then encouraged to continue on your own.

Get the following benefits and see the difference when you regularly do this breathing exercise:

  • reduce stress and anxiety and stop worrying
  • stop panic attacks and reduce fear
  • increase relaxation and get into work mode or “in the zone”
  • promote sleep (if done before going to bed)

Learn to relax now. Get this video and have this wonderful tool at your disposal whenever you need it! Also works great with children!

5 reviews for Relax with 7-11 breathing

  1. Martina

    This has helped me a lot. Concentrating on me breathing helps me not think about problems so I can relax.

  2. Lucy Bennet

    I love this technique, so simple and so effective. Great video!

  3. Anne P.

    We did this in a session and it really helped me with my anxiety. I got the video and find it very useful. Also nice soothing background music. I like how Sandy explains how it works and then takes you through it. What a simple technique but so effective. Haven’t had a panic attack since I do this regularly. Thanks.

  4. Charlotte

    Very well explained and a great exercise to help me calm my anxiety and stop worrying. Actually the breathing also helps me get to sleep at night. Thank you.

  5. Susan

    Simple, easy and effective

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