Feel balanced and safe


Morning meditation (mp3) creating balance and safety by using images of nature and a protective bubble.


Wouldn’t it be nice to stay in bed for another 15 minutes or so in the morning and then get up feeling refreshed, balanced and full of intention for the day? How different will your day be if you feel like having a protective bubble around you that makes you feel safe?

This wonderful guided morning meditation / visualisation (mp3) helps you create balance and safety by using images of nature and a protective bubble. In this relaxing recording you’ll be guided to visualise imagery of feeling strong and balanced like a tree and are then creating a protective bubble around you that you filled with positive energies which will energise and protect you against anything that’s not a match to your morning intentions. With this powerful visualisation you’ll learn to use your subconscious mind to set boundaries while feeling balanced and safe throughout the day. It’s best done in the morning before leaving the house. It will give you a great energy boost and set you up for the day.

This mp3 takes you through a visualisation that may help to

  • feel balanced
  • feel emotionally strong
  • feel safe
  • block out negative vibrations and energies of other people
  • set you up for the day
  • stay positive throughout the day
  • see things more clearly

For a more personalised approach and to tackle deeper issues, please consider booking a 1-2-1 session.
I’ve also got an extensive Emotional Balance online course aimed to help reduce stress, worries, anxiety, improve sleep and lift depression.

What are you waiting for? Get your guided morning meditation and start feeling balanced and safe now.

trees in field during daytime

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