Fall asleep with ease

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Learn how to switch off and get rest with this hypnotic relaxation technique (mp3) which can be done in bed.


Do you have sleep problems? Is your mind too full to fall asleep? Do you wake up at night and find that you can’t go back to sleep?

Learn how to switch off and get rest with this hypnotic relaxation technique (mp3) which can be done in bed.

This recording contains a relaxing sleep promoting exercise that is done in the evening while lying in bed. It is recommended to do this on a regular basis until you’re familiar with the steps involved. Then you can do the exercise without the recording. Soft relaxing background music is added for an additional relaxation effect. This is a proven technique to fall asleep with ease.

Why not consider the Improve your sleep online course which contains a number of audio and video recordings to help you understand why you might have sleep problems and offers tips, exercises and solutions on how to improve sleep.

This mp3 audio recording teaches you a relaxing sleep promoting method that may help to

  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • stop worrying
  • increase relaxation
  • promote sleep

Get your fall asleep with ease recording now and start sleeping better from this very evening.

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4 reviews for Fall asleep with ease

  1. Mary

    This is a very interesting download. It’s very relaxing and includes a sort of light mental focus exercise. The first time I didn’t even get half way through and had already drifted off. I also listen to it if I wake up at night and it helps me get back to sleep. Great product. I do recommend it.

  2. Asma

    Really recommend it. Struggle for few months to sleep. After listen to this, really helped me relax at night.
    And honestly had better sleep after that

    I recommend this to any one

  3. Nicki

    I have tried many different techniques in the past….definitely recommend this download for improving sleep problems and relaxation.

  4. Emily

    I thought this would just be some relaxing music and a visualisation to promote sleep but it’s actually so much more than that. Yes it’s a guided visualisation and has some lovely background music too but part of the visualisation is a technique with different steps that asks you to focus on different things. I like it as I’ve got a logical mind and like the different steps, even though it’s done in a very subtle and relaxing way. After a while I knew the steps and tried it without the recording and it still worked. It feels like I now know what to do if I have trouble sleeping, I have a solution that almost always works. Thank you.

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